And I Love Her

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Beatles R Us

The Beatles wives have had much influence on the world too. At least in my life. So here's a page I dedicated to them. :)

Yes! I'm actually working on this page! Ok, so here we go.

I'd have to say that Pattie Boyd is my favorite Beatle wife. She was George's wife (my fav Beatle), she was beautiful, a model, very talented, sweet, and an all around great person! The two were very inlove at the beginning...but it just didn't last. Still, their love story is very inspiring and adorable. I bet you're wondering how she affected me life, eh? Well, she inspired me to dye my hair blonde, improve my hygiene, to wear make-up (in a fashionable sense), and taught me that dreams can come true. Thanks Pattie!

My second favorite Beatle wife would have to be Cynthia. She reminds me of myself alot, for some reason, so I guess thats why. I think I'm a bit more in the clouds, if you know what I mean, but she was very cool too. Her whole love story with John is interesting, and though their romance didn't last either (surprise surpise), it's great for a novel. And so I wrote a novel based on her life, but not completely about her. I also think she was pretty and had a sweet personality.

My third favorite is Maureen. When I first saw a picture of her, I thought she was a snob! She just looked so evil and snobby, like she wanted to kill Ringo or something. But when I saw her later pictures, without the black eye-liner, I thought, ok, she's not too bad. And her story is pretty cute too., their love didn't last either. But hey, she was pretty cool too, and I've started a novel based on her life too.

Fourth fav must be Linda. Now she was freakin awesome! I love her photography, and her relationship with Paul made me realize not all marriages break up. I think her story is soooooo sweet and inspiring. And she was an amazing person, very talented. I'm said she's not with us anymore, but I'm sure she will always be remembered.

To be continued!